Manchester Mistress Brown

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The Manchester school room

Discretly located, and around a 10 minute drive from Manchester City Center, this venue can also be easily accessed via the metro link from Piccadily Station

The school room is fully equipped with a wide selection of quality punishment tools:

Lochgelly Tawse

Lochgelly strap

Swedish wooden hairbrush

Various canes : Reformatory, Dragon all sizes, Ratan , Kaboo, whangee

Leather paddles

Canadian prison reformatory strap

Slippers, Plimsoles, Priest strap, and many more authentic, high quality CP impliments

Be rest assured when you enter this room, you will be transported back to the heads study, and any role play you wish to engage in will be as realistic as it was many years ago.

The Peach Chamber

This peach room is fully equipped with all the implements you would need for a light BDSM session and is perfect for using ropes. It has a two point over head suspension, bondage bed, cage, spanking horse and sensory deprivation cupboard

The Red Room

This chamber room is fully equipped with a variety of implements and contains a stretching rack, St Georges cross, Spanking bench, bondage wheel and throne all of which have a selection of restraints

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The Clinical medical suite

If your looking for a realistic medical experience , with high quality and sterile equipment , look no further , the medical suite boasts the best in medical apparatus , both internal and external instuments , to probe , tease, investigate and torture.

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Mistress Brown - Playrooms

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